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Welcome to the Velmeshev Lab

We are a research group focused on understanding and modeling the complexity of the human brain and brain disorders.

Understanding human brain development and neurodevelopment disorders on the single-cell level, with spatial and temporal resolution

The goal of the Velmeshev lab is to understand normal human brain development and neurodevelopmental diseases at the single cell level.

We are particularly interested in gaining a holistic view of how genetic programs instruct neural progenitors give rise to the diverse cell types of the brain and guide formation of neuronal circuits, and how these processes are affected in brain disorders, such as autism.

The human brain contains billions of specialized neurons connected by trillions of synapses, as well as diverse types of glia. We approach studying this enormous complexity by combining single-cell genomics and spatial transcriptomic approaches with viral labelling of cell lineages and synapses. We apply these methods to human brain tissue samples, cerebral organoids and mouse models.

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